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Banongan beach

Banongan Beach also known as Firdaus Banongan beach located in the village of wringin, District of Asembagus, Situbondo, East Java has clean black sand, clear water and calm waves. The Banongan beach is located about 34 km eastward from the situbondo square and about 7 km from the asembagus square.

To find Banongan beach, visitors from the direction of probolinggo can take the route to banyuwangi and down at the T-junction in front of PG Asembagus, subdistrict of Asembagus. If from the banyuwangi, take the route to situbondo. If from Bondowoso, take the route to Situbondo and get off at the terminal situbondo, proceed towards Banyuwangi. From T-junction, proceed to the south about 6 Km. But currently, from the T-jucntion it is no public transport available that delivered the visitor until the entrance gate. If visitors come from the Jangkar harbor, visitors only need to follow unpaved roads outside the harbor towards the east.

On the edge of the beach overgrown many trees make the atmosphere very shady and cool. Here visitors can swim, play sand, rent a boat for fishing in the middle of the sea or camping near the beach, enjoying the sunset and sunrise views, the views of the Jangkar harbor and the Putir Tidur mountain if the weather is clear. The beach is also often used for Petik Laut events every year, but no date is specified because the event is done only when locals agree to do that. Facilities available include parking lots, food stalls, seats scattered around the beach, toilets and public bathrooms. Meanwhile, the lodging is still not available because still in development stage. This beach entrance fee is Rp. 2,000 per local visitor and Rp. 5,000 per visitor outside (tourists). Tariff parakeet for motorcycles Rp 2000 per day Rp 3000 on public holidays, cars and pick ups for Rp 5000 on regular basis and Rp 10,000 on holidays and buses, elves, trucks (group) for Rp 20.000 on regular basis and Rp 50.000 on holiday.