Bama beach

Bama Beach is located in Baluran National Park area. Administratively, Bama Beach is included in the Situbondo area, managed by Baluran National Park and supervised by the Forest Supervision Unit (KPH) of Perhutani Banyuwangi. To get to the beach location, visitors must pass through the entrance of Baluran National Park located on Jalan Banyuwangi – Situbondo km 35, Wonorejo Village, Banyuputih District.

Visitors from the direction of probolinggo, take the route Banyuwangi and get off at the entrance of TN Baluran, Banyuputih subdistrict. If from Banyuwangi, take the route to Situbondo. If Bondowoso take the route to Situbondo and down at the terminal Situbondo, proceed to take the route to Banyuwangi. From the gates of Baluran National Park to the location of Bama Beach is about 8 km.

Bama Beach is also a habitat for a herd of wild animals, such as monkeys and rare endemic species of East Java. Visitors can enjoy the mangrove exotica through the bridge of view, go fishing, and enjoy the charming sunrise. Facilities available include rinse rooms, dining and rest areas, to lodging with beach views. Beach entrance fee Rp. 5.000, – per local visitor and Rp. 150,000 per foreign visitor on weekdays and Rp 7,500 for local tourists and Rp 225,000 for foreign tourists on holiday. Parking rates, for two wheels for Rp 5,000 on weekdays Rp 7.500 on holidays, four wheel Rp 10,000 on weekdays and Rp 15.000 on holidays.

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