Bilik beach

Bilik Beach is located in the Banyuputih subdistrict of Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia, in the northern part of the Baluran national park, 2 km from the Merak village and behind the baluran mountain if visitors are at the main entrance of Baluran national park. This beach is located about 47 km to the east of the Situbondo townsquare. Bilik beach is managed by the Baluran National Park and supervised by Forest Supervision Unit (KPH) Perhutani Banyuwangi.

To enter this area, visitors from the direction of probolinggo can take the route to Banyuwangi and down the gate of Karang tekok, round the corner before entering the TN Baluran, Banyuputih subdistrict. From Banyuwangi, take the route to Situbondo. From Bondowoso take the route to Situbondo and get off at the terminal Situbondo, proceed to Banyuwangi. From Karang Tekok to the beach can be reached by walking or using a motorcycle about 10 Km, through a narrow, rocky and steep and quite confusing road. If you do not know the right way to go to the beach, it is recommended to bring a guide and to visit the dry season if visitors bring the vehicle because in the rainy season the road conditions are very muddy and difficult to pass.

Bilik beach have clear sea water and calm waves. Coastal area of Bilik are divided into 4 beaches with different characters ranging from the color of sand, water clarity, and the location of each beach is only about 50-200 meters. In the western and southern coast the Bilik have clean white beach sand while the eastern part has a rocky beach. On this beach visitors can enjoy the views of Baluran mount in the south and the veiw of sunset or snorkeling because the water is clear and the state of coral reefs are very pure. Unfortunately for now there are no facilities available in this area and have not been charged tariff entrance because in addition to the newly opened and is a conservation area of ​​Baluran national park.

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