Pasir Putih beach

Pasir Putih beach is located in the pantura line precisely in the Pasir Putih village, Bungatan district, Situbondo which is located about 22 km to the west of Situbondo square. This coastal area is also directly crossed by the pantura line along the 1 km which is divided into 6 gates that each gate covers the area along the 200 meters.

To reach the Coastal tourist area of Pasir Putih, visitors from the direction Probolinggo can take the route to Situbondo and get off at the tourist area of ​​Pasir Putih beach in Bungatan subdistrict. While from banyuwangi, can take the route to probolinggo. If from the direction bondowoso, can take the route to situbondo and down at the terminal situbondo, proceed towards the direction of probolinggo.

Visitors can swim, play beach sand or snorkel, enjoy the beach view from the pier, the sunrise and sunset views. In this beach is also available various rentals such as sailing boat rentals for those who want to ride a boat, tires rental for those who want to swim, snorkeling equipment, canoe boat and even a mat for those who want to picnic on the beach. On the beach is also available lodging that has a view directly to the Pasir Putih beach. The available lodging in the beach area are Hotel sidomuncul, Bhayangkara hotel and Papin Inn with price range of the Lodging from Rp 200,000 and above. Facilities available include parking lots, restaurants, lodging, souvenir shops, toilets and public bathrooms, and musholah. Tariff enter this beach Rp. 10.000, – per person, Rp. 5000, – per motorbike, Rp. 10.000, – per car and Rp. 20,000 per bus / truck

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