Tampora Beach

Tampora beach is located at the western tip of Situbondo district, precisely in Kalianget village Banyuglugur district about 48 km to the west of Situbondo townsquare or towards Besuki. The location is slightly hidden behind a hill, has yellowish white sand and calm waves. The beach is managed by Forest Management Unit (KPH) Perhutani Probolinggo.

To reach the area of Tampora beach, visitors from the direction of Probolinggo can come down at the entrance gate located in the mangrove forest area about 8 km from Paiton power plant towards the East. While from  Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, visitors can take directions to Probolinggo and get off at the entrance of gate area. Furthermore, visitors will pass a steep and rocky road along the 600 meters to the ticket booth to the beach area. Then, visitors will pass a rocky road and dropped approximately 200 meters to the beach. However, this road can only be passed by one car.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset as well as views of the mangroves and Paiton steam power plant which is behind the hill by climbing the hill on the left of the beach. But visitors are not allowed to swim because there are many sharp fragments of coral reefs and to protect the coral reefs. In this area also always held pengajian and sholawatan which every night full moon in petilasan Sheikh Maulana Ishaq which can be visited for pilgrimage  to the right of ticket booth entrance. Facilities available include public toilets, parking lot, praying rooms, and food stalls. The entrance fee to this beach is Rp.5000, – for one entrance.

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